I meant to write 0300.

Inktober 2016: 21-25 (ish)

Skipped a couple of days to work on some digital…

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An animation of birds flying away from a wire.

Animation Practice: Birds

Short break from Inktobering because I felt compelled to animate.…

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Rouch's room on the forward base.

Inktober 2016: 19-20

Working on action poses and interiors. Once again, bad scans…

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Space office looks a bit too much like a regular office.

Inktober 2016: 18

Trying to force myself to do interiors, realizing I need…

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The start of another one from "22 panels."

Inktober 2016: 17

Two people. Rouch and his old handler (who I should…

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Sleep is hard.

Inktober 2016: 15-16

Bought a pack of Copic Sketch neutral grays. I’m happy…

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TWS Drink & Draw, 10/16

Sketches from yesterday’s drink & draw at The Way Station.…

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